Cozumel 2017

We are back from our week in Cozumel, Mexico, It was a fun, busy trip, 4 am trips to the airport  with the grandbabies, Vegas to Phoenix, Phoenix to Cancun by plane, Cancun to Playa del Carmen by shuttle, Playa to Cozumel by ferry, got there at 7 pm, and all in reverse on the way home.


The water here is incredibly clear and blue, and Cruise ships is what you see, these two are Disney cruise lines in port.


This big ship is Incredible, this is Harmony of the Sea’s, the largest cruise ship in the world, it can carry 6500 people, makes the others looks small.


Everywhere you look there are incredible views and more ships.


And still more beautiful views, one can just sit on the shore and take in the ocean, boats, sky’s, not to mention the weather was in the 80’s Fahrenheit, 28 celsius, not hard to take forJan.


I even managed to get a couple of pictures when I was there, and of course, the only time I did not have my camera I came across this dock, but the phone did a pretty good job.


we had a great house to stay in compliments of Canmore Cave Tours of Canmore, Alberta, Canada. My son’s company took his staff to Mexico for a week of work and play, so he kept the house for an extra week for all of us to come down and hang out, it was great to spend a week with our children and the grandbabies, and having a three level house with a separate level for each family, and bedrooms for everyone made for a very pleasant stay.

until next time


Things are going to birds.


Things are going to the birds here in Tucson, just look at this little fella. he sticks out like a sore thumb.



Then there is the speed desert dweller, the road runner, without Wiley Coyote chasing him.

Road runner...Bee..Bee


And then there is the Beautiful Phainopepla, Pronounced  ( pha-i-no-pep-la), this male is a beautiful specimen.



And last but not least is a very proud to pose Curved Bill Thrasher, this guy was quite happy to just sit on the cactus while I took the Photo.


Curved Bill Thrasher

Well, We are heading back to Canada on Sunday to spend Christmas with our children and grand-children, it has been a month since we crossed the border. We will be back in January to carry on for 3 more months.

It is always nice to spend time with the family, especially at Christmas time, and with the grandbabies being small 2 1/2, 1 1/2 and 1 years old they change so fast and being away for 3 -4  months it is amazing how fast they change.

We would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a prosperous New year.

 safe travels, and stay well,

until next time.

Last part of the Cottage reno.

As I mentioned before we were doing a large Reno on a cottage this summer, here is the very last part of that Reno, a brand new kitchen, and appliances,  just waiting on the new granite counter tops, which I have been informed have been installed. Turned out very nice, a beautiful kitchen. Pictures do no do it justice.

with a 5 ft x 9 ft island

with a 5 ft x 9 ft  island with seating for 4 people




Chiricahua National Monument

This place is amazing, The Apache call it the land of the standing up rocks, who can argue with that. The main entrance is south of Wilcox AZ, app 35 miles, you can take highway 186 to hwy 181, it’s all pavement. Do not, and I repeat do not drive in on the fire road from portal AZ. over the mountain like we did, unless you have lots of time and are driving a tank. We stopped and asked the Ranger at the Ranger station in Portal if we can go across this way, it is only 24 miles and as we were staying at Rusty’s Rv park it was a nice short drive as opposed to the 2 hour drive to go around, anyway the ranger said of course, you can drive that way, it is gravel but it’s a pretty good road he said, you can drive 30-40 miles per hour he said, WOW, was he wrong. It took us 2 hours and 15 minutes to go 24 miles, It was the roughest road I have ever driven, and I grew up on Canadian gravel roads, There were places I had o go so slow the speedometer did not register, It is all rocks and washboard, steep and crooked, some places the turns are so tight I could hardly get the F350 dually around the bend,

After all, that we got there and it was well worth the trip, albeit, next time we will stay in Wilcox, AZ and go in from the west side. Staying at Rusty’s RV Park is a good place to stay if you are going to be checking out the Portal/Paradise side of the mountain, it is nice on that side also.


SugarLoaf Mountain


Balance Rock


The Grotto


They are definitely standing up.


Echo Canyon Trail, app. 3.5 miles, 500 feet down, and 500 feet back up, great hike.

The Hike we did at Chiricahua was app. 3.5 miles ( Echo Canyon Trail) but there are many trails here and it would be nice to spend a few days and see all of it, but we will be back for sure to check out the rest of it. cnm-1 cnm-5 cnm-6 cnm-8 cnm-9 cnm-10 cnm-11 cnm-12 cnm-13 cnm-14

Our second stop was the Gila Cliff Dwellings, very cool site to visit, however, we were staying at the Rose Valley RV park in Silver City NM, and decided to take the shorter route, highway 15 north from Silver City, it is only 45 miles but it takes 2 hours to drive, it as it is very, very crooked, but it is all pavement with some awesome views. On the return trip, we took the alternate 35 highway, longer but a little straiter. All in all a very worthwhile trip, for an added bonus Silver City is the hometown of Billy the Kid, so there is a little more history you can check on while you are here. Silver City has a lot of services including a Wal-mart.gila-cliff-dwelling-parking-lotThis is a very interesting place, the hike around is short, app, 1 mile, but well worth the trip.headwaters-of-the-gila-riverThe headwaters of the Gila river start here, it is said that Geronimo was born near the headwaters of the Gila River.img_4674It is a pretty cool place to seeimg_4676Its is also pretty high, between 7 and 8000 feet.img_4677a lot of history in one place, dwellings are from 700-800 years old.img_4679You can see how black the ceiling is from smoke from their campfires.img_4678


Guide, says this is the original corn from the period.original-corn

another way down,img_4698

Gila Cliff Dwelling National Monument

City of Rocks ( New Mexico)

On our way to the warm weather of Arizona this year we did a little site seeing as we made our way south, first stop was City of RocksMap of the Rocks

This is a nice place to camp if you are looking for peace and quiet,img_4635We, were lucky enough to find a site with water and electric, there are not many sites and they are on a  first come first serve basis.img_4622There are a lot of sites for dry camping, and they are in some cool spots, as it was getting cool at night we thought the electric would be a bit more comfortable, and for $14.00/ night it’s pretty cheap as well.img_4608The dry camping is $10.00/ night, so for 4 dollars the electric is a nice option, thats-usThere is a bit of hiking here too, so naturally we had to climb the mountain because it was there. It’s only  3 miles or so, about 400 feet of elevation, so a nice walk after a few days driving.up-there      (for all the info)

Next stop is Gila Cliff Dwelling National Monument, Silver City NM.